Using Video for your Pet Business during COVID19

by Nancy Hassel, American Pet Professionals (Webinar details and sign up below!) As we pivot, become more creative and offer new ways to provide services for pet parents and for B2B (Business to Business) - many of us are jumping on live streaming or video meetings - which I know can be very scary for many people.  I have been imploring our members of American Pet Professionals for YEARS to go on video for their pet businesses and animal rescues, - so much so, I am so sure many are sick of hearing that from me.   Who would have thought that when marketers said 4 or 5 years ago that 2020 would be 80% video, (of what we would be seeing on social media), would be so true?  We knew video was slowly taking over, many of us have embraced video for years, but no one knew how true the use of video, live streaming or not - would take over in 2020 due to COVID19.   So many inspirational ways that video and live streaming have taken over our phones, from Instagram Lives (and interviews), Facebook group chats, meetings done on various live streaming platforms, to musical recordings from kids playing violins in Italy to massive names in the music industry hosting free concerts from their living rooms. The power of people seeing your face, hearing your voice in real-time via a live stream is so powerful - it cannot be matched in my opinion.   As a former TV producer, (10+ years in another life), media and video have always drawn me in, even when I did not want to like Periscope, remember Periscope?  It's basically Twitter live now.  I met people literally from around the world in the pet industry using Periscope, many of them who I have now met in person, are lifelong friends and even customers - from several different countries. It still boggles my mind that we can go Live from our phones.  Something we couldn't even fathom, not that long ago.  Something that we didn't know would join us together in this time of isolation and quarantine.   I have so many ideas and ways that pet professionals - no matter what your pet business is, can use video for their businesses - I can't wait to share with you.  Want to know more?   We are proud to be hosting a webinar on this very topic: Using Video to Promote Your Pet Business! Wednesday, May 20, 2020  2 pm EST This webinar will be hosted LIVE! You will have access to the replay (for registered attendees only) for a limited time.  (This access will be given to you 24 hours after the webinar airs). What you get: - (1) Hour LIVE Webinar Tutorial on Using Video to Promote Your Pet   Business - Q & A with the host during and at the end of the webinar - Guidance on how to be more comfortable on camera. - Show and tell of equipment you can use Downloadables: - Video Content Workbook to help you get started and craft ideas - A Month of Video Content You Can Shoot with Your Phone! (Workbook) - How to use live video content guide - List of items mentioned throughout the webinar. We are very excited to bring you this webinar to help your pet business grow using video!   You can register for it today, for just $59.00! Click here to register. You will be sent information on access to the webinar the day before. Copy of Copy of Click here to Purchase!     PS: Official Members of American Pet Professionals - you already have access to this webinar (and you know ALL the webinars we host weekly!) Not a member of APP and you want IN on all our content, education, community, support and so much more?  Click here to Join US - and hurry, we are closing membership doors soon!      ]]>

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