FAQ's about Membership & What's New at American Pet Professionals:

We are super serious about seeing YOU and your company, animal rescue, and non-profit organizations thrive.  It's about WE, not me in our organization.  Oh yea, we have a lot of fun while working our tails off - and our favorite thing is to see how your pet business helps pets and their parents too!  That after all is why we are in this industry for the love of pets, and to help you be successful by providing the tools you need along the way.  Want more info, check out our FAQ's below:

  • Who can join American Pet Professionals (APP)?
    APP is the only organization that allows ALL pet professionals from any area of the industry to become members.  We have done so since 2009 when we were established.  So if you're in the pet industry, about to become a pet pro, just starting a business, have a pet business for a while - you can become a member.  We even have members who are full time in another industry but have a side hustle that is in the pet industry or are planning to open their own pet business eventually and want to learn.  In fact, we have over 70 categories of pet professionals as members!
  • I am not quite in the industry yet, but I want to learn - is membership right for me?
    Absolutely!  That is what we are all about, education, support, content - and have been providing this for our members for over 12 years now.  We love to help budding pet professionals - and have many members in that category right now.  We welcome you - and there nothing but support.  And hey, we have a workbook just for those newbies in the industry, grab yours here at no cost!
  • I have a new niche in the industry and don't see that listed on your categories of pet professionals - can I still join?
    Yes, for sure!  We love to see new niches and all the creative ways people come up with new areas of the industry.  Just email us at Info@AmericanPetProfessionals.com and let us know what your category is, and we can simply add it for you!  By the way, you can add up to (3) different categories once you become a member as we know many pet pros offer different services and products.
  • If I join, how long is my membership for?
    • Monthly Membership for Basic Members!  Monthly subscription membership for either a (1) person solo business owner or (2-5) people from your pet business!       OR
    • You can choose our Annual Membership for both Basic and VIP levels and on a subscription basis - so if you join, you will be a member for (1) full year.  You will be sent membership information after you join with your join date and more info.
  • Will my annual membership rate increase every year?
    Nope!  BUT our membership rates go up annually for all new members.  However existing members pay the SAME annual rate that they joined at, every year thereafter.  So if you join in 2021, your annual membership dues will be the same for every year that you are a member.
  • Will my monthly membership rate increase?
    • Your monthly dues will be the same each month from when you joined, as long as your membership is current and in good standing.  How cool is that? 
  • Are all annual memberships, VIP?
    Yes! If you join at the annual rate, you are joining at the VIP level! VIP members get additional benefits and bonuses.  (You can see what they are in our member benefits description when you are about to JOIN!)
  • If I join as a basic member but want to upgrade my membership, can I do that?    
    Yes, we have many members upgrade after being at the basic level for a while.  Some want to add members, want more of the membership perks, a bigger listing and so on.  Just let us know and well tell you how you can upgrade.
  • What is the retention rate of members?
    98%!  This is something we are very proud of.  🙂  We have many members with us since the beginning (2009) and the average member continues their membership for well over 7 years. 
  • Are there any additional FEES or costs for my membership?
    There are No additional fees for membership - just your monthly dues (if you choose monthly membership, or annually if you choose annual membership).  

    • If we offer a webinar, product or service that outside of membership, there is a membership discount for you.  We also offer advertising and promotional opportunities, but again there is a big membership discount for that as well.  (Many of our members also offer APP membership discounts to other members on their products and services!  How cool is that!) 
  • I am not located in the United States, can I still become a member?
    Yes, we have been a global organization for a while now, and have members in many different countries.  We are currently working on getting every country on our membership Join page (this will be ready during our next go membership enrollment for 2023!) For now you can choose NY as your address. 🙂
  • Where are networking events actually held?
    So glad you asked!  We have hosted over 125 in-person events in multiple states over the years to accommodate as many pet pros, in as many locations as possible.  And hopefully, when it is safe again, (you know after COVID), we will resume this.  BUT Now all our events are held virtually, live on ZOOM.  We have weekly events and have helped countless members.  We were doing virtual networking for years prior to COVID in addition to in-person events too.
  • What if I need to update my profile listing on the Membership Directory?
    Once you join you will be given all this information and a simple and quick video tutorial on how you can edit and update your membership listing.  And access our huge library of information! (Just for members!)
  • When can I join? I want in now!
    Membership doors are NOW OPEN!  From June 27, 2022 through July 8, 2022!
    You can learn more about joining and all the incredible membership benefits you get as a member by clicking here.  If you want to JOIN US, be sure to do so by July 8, after that doors will be closed. We only open enrollment a couple times each year. Don't miss out!
  • Who runs this organization?   American Pet Professionals was founded by Nancy Hassel, a long time multi-passionate Pet Entrepreneur (20 years!), with a background in being a TV Producer, Public Relations and Marketing Expert, Speaker, and of course big-time pet and animal enthusiast!  See her full bio below! If we didn't answer all your questions - please feel free to send us an email Info@AmericanPetProfessionals.com.

Nancy Hassel About Nancy Hassel: Nancy Hassel is the founder and President of American Pet Professionals, an award-winning business networking, educational and multimedia organization for the pet industry since 2009.  Leading over 125 in-person educational networking events, seminars, fundraisers, and online events for pet industry professionals.  Hosting and co-hosting over 1,000 pet events for B2B, B2C, retail events, veterinarian events, pet parent events and many more.  A Public Relations specialist for the pet industry, Nancy works with pet companies in many aspects of PR, event planning, media relations, and training for pet professionals.  Nancy also co-hosts the boutique B2B trade-show, NYC Re-Tails & Sales Pet Expo, with Dana Humphrey every spring.  Also, Nancy is a speaker at various pet industry conferences like Global Pet Expo, SuperZoo, Pet Connections Expo to name a few, a writer for pet trade and consumer magazines, blogger, avid photographer, and was a TV producer and production coordinator for 10+ years.  Nancy created a Responsible Dog Ownership program and taught over 2,500 pet parents in a 5-year period.  Nancy is also a serial pet business owner, as past businesses as a pet sitter, pet product manufacturer, dog trainer among a few areas in the industry.  Recently awarded the 2018 Women of Influence by Pet Age Magazine and her American Pet Professionals was voted Best Networking organization three years in a row by LI Press newspaper.  Nancy resides on Long Island, NY, and is the proud pet parent of Cody, a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier.