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Featured frequently in the Media! Featured on Chinese Global Television Network May 2020: Pet Industry Expert Discusses Adoption Surge Amid Pandemic (Newspaper) May 2020: After two months in coronavirus lockdown, how will we ever leave our pets? 

Featured on the Doobert Podcast May 2020: 

Featured in Newsday Article April 2020: COVID19 takes a bite out of pet care industry and livelihoods: 

Featured on DogTV April 2020: 

Featured on the Women PetPreneurs podcast January 2020: 

Featured in Pet Age Magazine, August 2019: American Pet Professionals Membership Enrollment for 2019 Ending August 31 

Featured on Chinese Global National Television – February 11, 2019.

Featured on the “All My Children Wear Fur Coats‘ Podcast – February 11, 2019. Click to listen. 

Listen to the podcast Maria’s Mutts where we talk about: “Want To Make Pets Your Profession? Learn From American Pet Professionals!”  Click here to listen!  – aired September 6, 2018 Dogster Magazine April/May 2018 


Pet Business Magazine – Show Daily 2 at Global Pet Expo – March 2018 Hosting How-Tos

Pet Age Magazine – March 2018  Women of Influence 2018!         

Pet Product News International – February 2018 Global Pet Expo, Global Academy, Seminars/Speakers: 


Dogster Magazine February/March 2018 issue. Get Certified! Dogster  Magazine February/March 2018 issue.


Be Furractive:  Pets+ Magazine – February 2018 4 weeks to Peak Performance Pets+ Magazine – August 2017 

10 Ways to Re-inspire Yourself and your Business Pets+ Magazine January/February 2017 Issue 

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Pet Age Magazine American Pet Professionals Continues to Grow – November 9, 2016 Radio – Pets Teach us so Much November 8, 2016 


How to identify Made in the USA Pet Products. Pet Age Magazine July 2016 Issue: Pet Age Magazine July 2016 Issue

Listen in to our latest Radio Interview with Warren Eckstein of The Pet Insider – aired June 28, 2016: 


Featured in Dogster Magazine – April/May 2016 – Obsessions Section (In Print & online) 


Featured on News 12 Long Island Animal Island Segment (and Facebook LIVE) – March 2016 

image (Photo credit: News 12 Long Island) 

Featured in Pet Product News International – December 2015, Pet Industry Roundtable, 10 of the pet industry’s top professionals discuss trends, challenges and the advice they would give every retailer. (In Print & online) 

Featured in Pet Age Magazine – October 2015 (In Print & online) Featured on News 12 Long Island’s Animal Island Segment October 8, 2015, click the picture to watch! 

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-6-40-43-pmPhoto Credit – News 12 Long Island


Booties, Sweaters, Massages: Pet Pampering Goes Mainstream KJZZ Radio September 24, 2015

Featured on News 12 Long Island’s Animal Island Segment April 16, 2015, click the picture to see more pictures! 

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-6-42-32-pmPhoto Credit – News 12 Long Island Featured on My LITV A Minute Smarter Segment, April 2015.


Featured on Fios 1 News Push Pause Segment [Shouldn’t it be Push PAWS? 🙂 ] for our Dog Training Seminar and Mastermind event held in January 2015 with Andrea Arden of Andrea Arden Dog Training and Frank Bonomo of Mutt Manners. Featured on News 12 Long Island’s Animal Island Segment January 15, 2015, click the picture to watch! 


Pet Age Magazine Long Island Pet Professionals Goes National January 13, 2015 

Pet Product News International 2015: 5 Big Trends for the New Year – January 4, 2015 

Long Island Pet Professionals Rebranded as American Pet Professionals – December 13, 2014 

Pet Business Long Island Pet Professionals Becomes National Networking Group December 12, 2014 

Hamptons Pet Magazine Fall Holiday 2014 Issue 


Pet Age Magazine NYC Re-Tails & Sales Expo – October 29, 2014 

Long Island Business News The Woof of Wall Street – October 10, 2014 

Associated Press Included in Nationally Run Article – September 2, 2014 Pet Age Magazine September 2014 Issue 

Pet Age Magazine August 2014 Issue Anton Newspaper July 2014 Pets Edition – 2 articles 

Hamptons Pet June 2014 Summer Premiere Issue 


Pet Age Magazine February 2014 Issue 

News 12 Long Island December 6, 2013 

CBS’s TheCouch November 22, 2013 – 8 minute segment! 


Featured in Long Island Business News – October 4, 2013 quoted regarding the pet industry on LI. 

Featured in Long Island Business News – November 1, 2013 Niche Networking, leading the story. 

Featured in Anton News Pet Section, 3 different articles November 1, 2013, issue. 

Featured in the Cover article of Pet Age Magazine! June 2013 issue 


Long Island Press Voted Best Networking Group for, 20122013 and 2014 on Long Island, first Place! 3 Years in a Row! 

3rd Annual Holiday Party & Pet Food Drive featured on Fios1News Air Date, December 24, 2012. 


Many LIPP Members on for FIOS1 TVAir Date, January 2012 LI Pet Pros donates 400lbs of Pet Food for Island Harvest’s pet food pantry. December 20, 2012 Newsday 

LI pet-care businesses gather to nurture a network June 23, 2011 

USA Today Newspaper Pet Talk: Be a Responsible Dog Owner May 11, 2011 

Pet Product News International April 25, 2011 

NBC Universal’s Pet Blog Friday, September 10, 2010 

Long Island Press Fortune 52 Event May 6 – May 12, 2010, Edition 

Long Island Press Fortune 52 by Beverly Fortune – March 17, 2010 

Fortune 52 by Beverly Fortune – March 17, 2010