How American Pet Professionals ramped up services during Covid19

Staff at American Pet Professionals Did you know that American Pet Professionals, (APP), has logged over 35 hours in LIVE broadcasts, webinars, and other events just for our Members since the initial quarantine? Yes - you read that correctly!  Over 35 hours in LIVE content exclusive and free for our Members. "We have been going 'live' for our members for years, but as soon as we were locked down on March 13, 2020, I thought what more can we do to help everyone?  How can we ramp up what we already do to help?" said Nancy Hassel, President, and Founder of American Pet Professionals. "After the initial shock of what was happening to our world, and taking a week to digest everything that was going on, I mean we were just back from Global, working on all those incredible connections, providing our monthly content for our members and bam - everything came to a screeching halt," Hassel said. But not here.  American Pet Professionals has been busier than ever during the quarantine, you know without going anywhere. During the quarantine, APP has had multiple new members join, members upgrade their memberships, and there has been ton of pivoting, content creation, that we never had to do before (COVID related and such), with our team members (lots of zooming just for that), we jumped in full force to be there for any member that needed us. Instead of doing our just monthly content, we have been on fire providing weekly content, a tremendous amount of help and so much more - that many members have actually grown their businesses more than ever before.  Members have met people and made business relations they would have never made before if they were not part of our organization - and part of everything we have provided in the last 10+ weeks. For years, APP has always provided live, interactive content, webinars, courses and such - but we took this to the next level to provide as much support, content, education, experts, camaraderie, know-how and guidance for our members to help them through such an unprecedented time in our world history. We are not slowing down any time soon. We want your pet business to not just survive this pandemic, but grow and thrive for the future - perhaps in ways, you never thought possible. Want to be part of an organization that wants to help you, your business, your non-profit, or your animal rescue organization - and even if you're brand new or an industry veteran in this incredible industry? Join American Pet Professionals TODAY! (Membership doors will be closing soon.) Check out some of our member comments and testimonials below:

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.18.12 AM Member since 2016

"Joining American Pet Professionals(APP) has been a great investment for our company. When we decided to market our life safety products to the pet community, we were inundated by groups who promised us the world and delivered very little.  Nancy was the only one that has delivered time and again.  She goes to all the shows, takes the time to always stop by our booth and does a great job with promoting members through networking events and personal introductions.  If you're looking for ongoing education, promotion and marketing for your pet business, join APP without hesitation." ~ Zsolt Sapy, MAYA Monitoring /Smoke Alarm Monitoring, Inc., Member Since 2017

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.39.36 AM Member since 2009!

"Joining American Pet Professionals was easily the best decision I made when breaking into the Pet Industry.  I founded my company without any contacts or resources, only a desire to help our pets and our planet.  Nancy and the other members of the APP have been so supportive of me and my company, and I have been able to learn, network and grow thanks to my membership!  American Pet Professionals opens many doors for networking, training's and growth within the ever-growing Pet Industry! Thank you Nancy, for creating such a dynamic and supportive group!"  ~ Leanne Pinard Baum, Founder, Pure Earth Pets Inc., Member since 2019

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.41.31 AMMember Since 2019
 See more testimonials here! Just a small snipet of what has been going on behind the scenes here at APP!
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