Are you showing up for your business, on time?

at American Pet Professionals Are you showing up for your business, on time?   That might seem like a silly question if you're not actually going into the office or grooming shop at the moment. Or your entire staff is working from home now.  Even if you don't have to clock in at a certain time - maintaining your schedule as much as possible is important to keep a productive mindset and also to be available for your clients and customers.   If you're still adjusting to working from home, check out our post we did about this topic when we were first going on lockdown: Suddenly Working from Home?  Tips to help you be productive! In the meantime, if you been on one of the numerous zoom calls, conferences, webinars, or live broadcasts, and you may have been late, messed up the time because it was not held in your time zone.  We fully get it!   The time zone differences just here in the USA can be hard to remember, especially if you're on one of the coasts, you may realize if you're in let's say San Diego that New York is 3 hours ahead of you...but what about Ohio, Wyoming, Hawaii or Alaska, do you know what time it is there when it is noon your time?  If you're like most of us, unless you have those old school clocks hanging on your office wall with the different time zones and labels underneath them as to what location they are representing, you more than likely have to look it up. [caption id="attachment_4893" align="aligncenter" width="543"]Four clocks with different time on Teak background What time is it?[/caption] So we decided to put together a couple of fun graphics to help you figure out the time zones across the USA to help you show up on time for your business.  Print them out, share them on social, put them in the notes section of the phone - whatever it takes to help you be punctual.  East Coast Time Map Nothing worse than realizing that the meeting you thought was happening at noon your time was actually noon their time!  Now, more than ever it's vital to show up, be on time, and put your best self and represent your business the best way you can.  We understand we are all human, and sometimes we will mess it up, even with the best intentions to be there promptly.   However since we have now have the time to show up, in my opinion, there is no excuse not to be on time! West Coast Time Map-2 And if you want to participate in our next "LIVE Online Networking Event for the Pet Industry," Click here to register for it and to find out the date and time it is happening!  (This is for any pet professional who wants to attend - however it is the last one we are hosting for non-members - so register so you can find out what you are missing!)  ]]>

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