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Pet Sitting Businesses slowly coming back during COVID

by Nancy Hassel, American Pet Professionals

Areas of the pet industry that have been particularly hit hard during 2020 has been the pet sitting, dog walking, doggie day care and boarding industries.  With travel bans, people suddenly working from home caring for their own pets (and many continuing...

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Are you showing up for your business, on time?

team at American Pet Professionals Are you showing up for your business, on time?   That might seem like a silly question if you're not actually going into the office or grooming shop at the moment. Or your entire staff is working from home now.  Even if you don't have to clock in...
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How Do You Define Success For Your Pet Business?

By Linda Williams, Featured Guest Contributor How Do You Define Success For Your Pet Business? Creating Key Performance Indicators( KPI): Part 1 Revenue   Is your business successful? How do you know?   The most common measurement of success is gross revenue. But how do you know if you’re on track to make...
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6 Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

By Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals

Over a decade ago I worked full time at a PR firm, we had this enormous book, probably over 1,000 pages that had every odd holiday and regular holiday listed, by day, by week and by month. We would go through the book looking up odd and offbeat holidays to use for our client’s promotions.  We had a lot of fun coming up with funny or different promotional ideas for our clients (a lot of which were hospitality clients – restaurants, resorts, luxury spas and so forth).  

Why would we do this?  To make our clients stand out from the rest of what everyone else is doing.  For our members of American Pet Professionals they have been hearing this from me for years, aside from sounding like a broken record, this is something I think is very important for your pet business or animal rescue group.

Think about it – we are all posting about the latest pet holiday on our social platforms, very much in similar ways.  Now I know as a pet business you really should post about the top pet holidays  — but it can be the sea of the same. 
How could you have promoted the same holiday in a way that will have your business or rescue stand out? 

It’s all in how you look at it, what can you bring to the table on a similar topic that is a different spin on what everyone else is doing?  

You know you all have a unique perspective, different creative outlet that you can use to brand your business or rescue (if you are not already doing so).  You can use pet and human holidays to promote something fun at your store/grooming shop/veterinarian office/dog training facility or use it to promote a special offer as a pet photographer, pet sitter, pet product manufacturer, blogger and so forth.  The possibilities are endless, but you want to take some time preparing so you STAND out.  

Coming up with your own ideas and concepts is not easy if you’re just starting out and looking at what everyone else in the industry is doing.  It’s not easy to come up with your own niche or voice, but it is super important for your business to do so.  (And really why would you want to just copy or be the same as every other pet business or rescue out there?)

Here are some tips to get some ideas or perspectives. 

  • Look at your favorite NON pet brands or businesses – what are they doing with promos, social media, or landing themselves in the news that you are really impressed with? 
  • How are they getting their customer’s attention that is different than their competition?
  • What makes you drawn to their store/website to buy items from them or hire them?
  • What is it about their brand that really inspires you or makes you wish you were doing something like that for your pet business/rescue, with your own spin of course? 
  • Take notes on what they do, write down key elements that draws you to them, and then brainstorm in ways you can create that draw to your own business/rescue.
  • Sometimes stepping away from PET, and looking outside the industry, (GASP!! stay with me here), can re-inspire you/your business!

I would love to hear from you about what you’re doing, what/who inspires you and your creativity and where you get stuck.  Or if you’re having trouble be creative, let us know that as well. Contact us today: Info@AmericanPetProfessionals.com.

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