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Unlimited Potential of Relationship Networking

by Nancy Hassel, American Pet Professionals

Have you ever played the Kevin Bacon Game? Usually called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it is a game that challenges you to connect any actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in 6...

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Are you showing up for your business, on time?

team at American Pet Professionals Are you showing up for your business, on time?   That might seem like a silly question if you're not actually going into the office or grooming shop at the moment. Or your entire staff is working from home now.  Even if you don't have to clock in...
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2020 Pet Industry Events Calendar!

It’s Here!  The 2020 Pet Industry Events Calendar!

We put this together every year, as a gift to the pet industry.  

Click here to get your free copy with over 60 Pet Industry B2B events happening across our country in 2020!

What events will you be at in 2020?

3 Pages of Pet Industry Events!




2018 Pet Industry Events Calendar!

Compiled by American Pet Professionals Happy 2018 pet pros! New year, new goals, and over 30 pet events held across the country for our pet industry!  If you haven’t yet started planning your year yet and what conferences you will be attending, displaying at or thinking of going to, here is our compiled list...
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