Youtube for Pet Businesses|How to use Canva!

Ever wonder how pet businesses make beautiful, professional graphics on a consistent regular basis?  We did too, until a few years ago we learned about Canva - our absolute favorite graphic art software, and best of all it is FREE!   We do use Canva for Work, as there are additional functionalities that make life so much easier, especially for using the same graphics with appropriate sizes for all of our different social media platform. In this video I will show you how to use Canva and Canva for business to easily magically resize and make the same graphic for all your social media platforms. If you are a Pet Retail store, dog groomer, veterinarian or dog training facility - you will learn easy ways to increase your professionalism by learning how to use Canva for your pet business or animal rescue.  You can view the video here -->> or below!  If you like our video, please like it, comment with any questions, and we would love if you subscribe to our channel!  ]]>

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