Money for your Pet Business!

by Nancy Hassel, American Pet Professionals In January, we kicked off 2019 with the ‘Month of Money’ for our members of American Pet Professionals, by hosting 3 different webinar type Q&A’s on different topics pertaining to money and growth.   Our 3 part series with three different experts were:

  1. How to Attract and Investor to your pet business
  2. When you are ready to Sell or Merge your pet business
  3. 60 Million in revenue in 4 years!
In each live event, there were many ‘aha’ moments, tremendous insight and insider information given by each expert.  Our members got to ask direct questions and were provided with information, how to, wisdom and knowledge from each of our experts!  Three key takeaways from our experts are:
  1. You don’t want just money, you want investors that are aligned with you, with your vision...
  2. Strategic buyers are looking for companies to acquire...
  3. We are big fans of testing and testing and testing...our customers tell us...
To get full access to the actual evergreen webinars themselves, join American Pet Professionals today and we will tell you where to get access! American Pet Professionals members have full access to future, and past events, to watch at their convenience to learn from and apply the knowledge to their own pet businesses.  One of our many membership benefits!  Why try to do everything on your own, when you can surround yourself with a community that wants to see your pet business succeed? PS: We have 2 amazing live webinar topics happening the first two weeks of March –   information you can actually learn, and apply to your business and animal rescue every day! Become a member today!  Join here. See our membership benefits here. Join Today! Month of Money!  ]]>

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