2019 Global Pet Expo Re-cap!

2019 Global Pet Expo Re-cap! Another year, another incredible Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida last week - the 15th show.   It is always a busy show for this pet pro, but walking the show floor I kept thinking and saying to peers 'there are a lot of people here.' While it is always a well-attended show, I definitely could see an increase in attendance and people walking the floor.   This year Bob Vetere the APPA's president for the last, I believe 15 years, is retiring and the new incoming President Steve King will take over his position.  It was bittersweet in the media room to hear Bob's last media brief as APPA president,  he will still be involved with the Pet Leadership Counsel and HABRI.  Best of luck to Bob and congratulations to Steve King. Congratulations to our members who were there as exhibitors for the first time and for the 7th time!  It is always so wonderful to see our pet businesses grow and have that first time at Global.  It was an honor to speak again at their Global Pet Expo Academy if you were at either of my seminars, thank you for attending.  Statistics: Some of the statistics announced at Global (in the press room) were really encouraging for our industry, our momentum is not slowing down any time soon.  At Global this year:

  • There were 1173 exhibitor booths this year at Global.
  • New Product section was 45,000 square feet.  Just the new product section, nuts!
  • Over 7 miles of trade show floor - if you walked front to back, side to side down every aisle.  
  • In 2018, the industry came in at $72.56 Billion dollars, that is up 4% from 2017.
  • Pet food area of the industry grew 4.3% to $30.32 billion.*
  • Supplies and over the country meds had a 6% growth to $16.01 billion.
  • Veterinary spending came in at $18.11 billion, still the second highest source of spending, which grew 6.1%.
  • The Pet Services area of the industry actually dropped a bit in growth, 0.8% growth at $6.11 billion.
  • Live animal purchases is down 4.3%, $2.01 billion in 2018. (More millennials turning to rescues and shelters! But remember this includes small animals, fish, etc.)
*An interest in natural, locally sourced treats and chews has never been higher across U.S. pet owners. (Love to see this!) "The spending on our pets is higher than ever before, it's clear that giving pets the best lives possible is still a top priority for pet owners, and they're willing to spend more on the quality products and services they consume if it means more quality time with their loved companions," said Bob Vetere, President of the American Pet Products Association.  Follow-up: If you're finally feeling back to normal today, start following up with people you met at the show.  You may be overwhelmed with the amount of literature and business cards that you now have to go through.  A piece of advice, go through them within a day or 2 of returning home.  If you wait, you will forget.  So for me, I have press kits, business cards, brochures, and some product.  I write on each and every business card, GPE19, so I know that is where I met that person.  And even while at the show, I write on the card, let's say if someone gives me a product or that I loved their product, or that I spoke to them in length about their business.  This way when I get home - I remember!  It will make your follow up much smoother, and show your professionalism when you follow up that you remember what you spoke to them about.  Follow up within a week or two after the show.  If Global has been on your list, your radar on things to do, you should make that effort to get there next year and experience it for yourself first hand. Next year the show dates are a bit earlier February 26-28, 2020!  I will see you there! To see photo's from the event, you can click here! To check out our video coverage click here.  ]]>

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