Welcome to our weekly featured member of American Pet Professionals! This week, August 31, 2015 we feature Sharon Herrman of Zelda's Song.

Zelda's Song creates personal emblems of the fur-ever love between you and your dog or pet with custom photo jewelry and coordinating collars. Styles include leather and charm bracelets with room for one or more dogs. Tell the story of your dog with charms! Cool keychains too, for dog dads.

Check out our fun Q&A interview with Sharon of Zelda's Song and her experience so far in the Pet Industry:

How long have you been in the Pet Industry?

5 years What drew you to the Pet Industry? The love for my Berner, Zelda, who passed from a breed related cancer. The best thing about your experience so far? Helping others celebrate the love for their pets. Are you a solo petrepreneur or do you have employees? Solo petrepreneur with a virtual network of contract resources. If you could change/add/create ONE thing in the pet industry what would that be? Continue to validate the importance of pets in our lives. Do you set goals for you business? Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly? Quarterly goals Do you remember the last time you had a weekend off? Only in the summer! Few weekends in the winter. Do you regularly take vacations? 2x/year in order to stay married. Your biggest complaint about the industry? Domination by big-money brands forces traditional advertising rates sky-high. Your favorite thing about your customers (i.e. pet parents). They are loving, open and honest about what their pets mean to them. When did you realize that this industry was more fun/rewarding/compassionate (add your own!) than a previous industry you may have worked in? Day 1! What is your favorite cocktail of choice? Balkan Spy Martini Most amazing place you have been to on planet earth? Hawaii When you were a kid, and someone asked, what did you want to be when you grow up? What was your answer? nun/artist/veterinarian/lawyer Favorite color? Purple Your favorite or most inspirational quote? "When you are going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill What is your: Dog/horse/cat/bird/lizard/bunny Breed of choice? Bernese Mountain Dog/Maine Coon Cat Hobbies you love that don't involve pets, if any! 🙂 Gardening How many pets do you currently own?


Sharon is located in Connecticut and can be reached by email at sharon@zeldassong.com or you can check out her beautiful product on her website www.ZeldasSong.com


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