Tips for attending Global Pet Expo!

by Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals Gearing up for Global Pet Expo, tips and helpful information to have a great show. If you're going to Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida next week, whether your going as a retailer or have a booth, here are some quick tips to have a successful show! Global is about 5 miles of trade show floor.  5 miles! (It was 6.2 miles in 2016!)  So wear comfortable, supportive shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking!  Last year they had a trolly inside if you need assistance getting from one side to another, so there is that.  And I believe you can also rent scooters if need be.   You cannot bring in luggage on wheels onto the show floor, however there are a few booths that give out handy boxes on wheels - you will see everyone there towing them.  It is a huge help while walking the show floor to put your stuff in.  I got one last year, and made the show 100x easier with all the heavy stuff I had in my bag.  I suggest get on the show floor early and head right to the booth that is giving them out. (I think last year Cat's Pride was one of them). If you're not sure ask someone towing one where they got them! Be sure to have business cards easily accessible to grab.  Nothing worse to have to put everything down, open your bag and dig for a business card.  Easy way - pop a bunch in your badge holder! Photos and Video are Not allowed, except by media with press creds.  And if you're going as press, still is nice to ask the vendors, "do you mind if I take a photo? I am press."   This may sound silly, but be sure to have a good breakfast, hydrate and eat lunch during the show.  It is a HUGE show and you can wear out easily if you're hungry and head-achy! If it's your first time show, one thing you can do to make it easier is go to the New Product Area first and you may see items there that really interest you - and you can jot down what booth # they are at.  It's kind of like a mini version of the show floor, kind of. You can strategically map out the show floor ahead of time as well.  But you may get sidetracked once you're inside. 🙂   If you are a vendor, be sure that you have a way to capture people's contact info.  Use the scanner, have a 'drop your business card here' to win/get a discount on your products (whatever it is) to get them to drop their info in.  Make sure you have enough media kits, brochures, business cards, product, and someone there to help you!  Be sure to greet people that are coming to your booth, walking by and of course stand up and smile!  Also, there are a lot of great seminars at Global - but you need to sign up NOW - otherwise there is a charge to attend while at the show.  Click here to learn more what seminars are being offered.  A list of the show rules are here - and a ton of info on their website too. I am looking forward to seeing many hundreds of pet professionals at Global, new products, learning about new ideas entering the pet industry and so much more.  I will be live tweeting from there @AmericanPetPros, and doing Facebook LIVE videos on our American Pet Professionals Facebook page and of course covering the event.   Also stay tuned for my re-cap article coming soon!  For everyone that is going have a great show!  ]]>

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