#Hashtags + Trending = More Visibility

By Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals #Hashtag it! For everyone who is trying to get their business or rescue social media SEEN more - here's a simple tip that could help. #Hashtags + Trending = More Visibility What do I mean?  If you're on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and are used to using #Hashtags for pet holidays, current pet events, etc.,  For Example #NationalPetDentalHealthMonth or simply #DogTraining.  This will help your post be seen for anyone searching that hashtag.  Recently I was searching a hashtag on Twitter (Tweetdeck) and found pet businesses and companies I 1., never heard of, 2., was able to connect with.  #Hashtags are searchable on Twitter, if you click on them in Facebook or Instagram  you will see others who used the same #hashtag. SO if you're paying attention to what's trending, and it does NOT have to be pet related, you can #hashtag your post that coincides with a trending topic. Examples: One of our Members, Kelly Ison of Einstein Pets, Posted both on Facebook and Twitter immediately after Lady Gaga sang the national anthem for the Super Bowl (Gaga killed it by the way!), with the hashtag: You go Kelly! Yesterday I posted a picture of my dog Cody running for President with the hashtag #POTUS on both Facebook and Twitter.  He was one of the only posts if you search #POTUS that is pet related on Twitter. So how do you know what is trending.  On Facebook the trending topic is on the right hand side usually, and on Twitter on the left hand side.  Or google Trending topics on Social Media...google it. 🙂 In my opinion, you want to do this so it makes sense for your business or rescue and that relates to what your posting in some way.  Trending topics can happen in an instant - but when you know something like the Superbowl or maybe the Oscars or anything else that will be trending - you can plan ahead.  Regular Holidays, like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day coming up and just last week the Pet World #WKCDogShow was a popular hashtag. This way of hash-tagging can work for your: - Blogposts  - Promotions around regular and pet holidays  - Upcoming Events your hosting - Periscope's your doing - Twitter/Instagram/Facebook posts  and so much more.  I am sure you will think of even more ideas too! Happy #Hashtagging!  How have you incorporated trending hashtags in your pet business? ]]>

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