Saying thank you

The other day I was talking with a member about her pet business and the topic of some of her clients came up.  She was telling me about how hard she worked for them, did an amazing job - went above their expectations - and they really didn't seem to give her any feedback or thank her for her hard work.  I told her to not dwell on it and try to focus on what a great job she did.  That coversation inspired this post.

Saying Thank You...

As a kid, my mom always bugged me to make sure I said 'please and thank you.'  I am sure many of you reading this can completely relate to.  And of course I am thankful for those lessons in good manners, but in the business world, a thank you can come few and far between.  And often it is the people we hire to do a job for us that don't always get thanked.  While you did  hire them and they should be doing the job you paid them for, a thank you still goes a long way.  It lets them know you are appreciative of their efforts, and they may just work even harder for you next time.

As some hired pet professionals can relate too, we may work our tails off for someone or go above and beyond for a client and if a 'thank you' never comes your way, it can really make you feel under-valued.  Or worse, that you just don't want to work with that business or person again.  But remember this, you are not guaranteed a thank you, and the person that hired you may just be insanely busy - so keep that in mind - and they may have thought they did thank you.  (Or maybe you were just expecting a parade? Joking - but often we may expect to much after doing a great job!)

If you are still looking for feedback from them, unsure of how your did your job and not nessecarily a thank you, reach out and ask them were they satisified with your efforts, work done (whether it's training their dog or helping them with a project).  Your client may come back to you with great feedback to help you with your next client.

But for those of you who do hire employees, consultants, etc. as a friendly reminder, while you may be thanking your clients and customers because they bring in the dough, think about the person who just did a fantastic job for you or your business or rescue - no matter how big or small and send them a thank you.  Emails are great - but if you know they went above and beyond to get the job done or completely exceeded your expectations - why not drop an actual thank you note in the mail.  GASP!  Yes a hand written thank you note will really show how much you appreciated their help.  Or another great way to thank someone you hired, and plan to hire again is through their social media sites.

You can always post a testimonial on their Facebook page, or Linkedin profile - or even just post to their business FB page how great they were to work with and how you can wait to work with them again.  Tweet it out!  Those testimonials are super valuable to the business owners.  It's a simple way to pay it forward and say thank you.

Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Obrigado, Grazie, Arigatō, Tak, and of course Woof, Purr, Chirp, Whinny!


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