Do you think outside the box?

Do you think outside the box?

In your business or rescue when thinking of promotions or ways to increase awareness about your brand do you ever think outside the box?  Often we get wrapped up in our own busyness of business that we may come up with an idea that is ho-hum to the public.  Or we don't always take the necessary time to plan and execute that promotion properly.  OR even worse, you just copy what other pet businesses are doing.  Sorry but it is true.  In the 5+ years of sending out the Pet Events Newsletter, I have seen the same events over and over, and sometimes I see an event and go "WOW what a great idea! I love it!"  Or I see a promotion that has just not been done in the way it is done and I love to see that creativity added to our industry.  But sadly those WOW moments are few and far between.

Now before you want to scream at me, I get it.  It's not the easiest thing to do to come up with a New idea or promotion.  Really I do get it.  And when you do and it is successful, you will have others copy or do something similar - it is the nature of the beast.  AND not all events have to be different or new - but if you add a new element to your, let's say your adoption event, that you don't normally do or isn't done that often - it can really help you stand out from the crowd.

If you do take the time to map out your business year or months ahead --think of promotional holiday's maybe that are off the cuff, or ways to bring in new customers that you haven't tried before - it will really help your motivation in doing it.   You may be running your business for years now and might be tired of doing promotions and trying to drum up more business.  However there is always someone coming up with new ideas, new businesses or starting businesses similar to yours that are excited about it. So don't get bogged down, take some time to think outside of the box, and when you do come up with a festive, creative new idea - give yourself some time to execute properly and promote it the right way!

My challenge to you all this week - think of an idea that hasn't been done before or is an idea that is thinking outside the kitty litter box!  You never know where that new idea may lead you or who it can bring to your business or rescue group!


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