Let it go…

Let it go... Have you seen the movie Frozen?   I have yet to see it but I have heard the song from the movie 'Let it Go' and those words resonate with me as a business owner, and in life in general. In business often we have to deal with those who are not always the best at handling themselves professionally, or we may have to deal with an unhappy customer or client.  A misunderstanding can easily spiral out of control if it is not addressed in the best way.  Relying on sending an email to handle things may not be the best way to address it OR not replying to an email or emails - doesn't send the best message either! Being professional, act like an adult and handle the situation in the best possible way is always your best bet!  If you do your best to work with that person, customer or business, and kill em' with a little kindness - you might find common ground. If you don't find that common ground, in your business it is best, and maybe not always easy route, but best to 'let it go' and move forward.  I am not saying don't deal with it or just toss things aside, if you did your best to resolve something - and still couldn't work things out - letting it go will free you.  Almost like forgiving, but maybe not forgetting (DOH!), and moving on. Not everyone is going to get along or work that well together, and over-reacting to a situation, flying off the handle and taking things personally won't help matters. You know I love working in the pet industry, and the people in the pet industry are above and beyond some of the kindest, most inspiring and caring group of professionals I have ever met.   I am amazed at how awesome our community is and what you all do to help each other's businesses, our pets and our industry as a whole thrive.  (#PetIndustryRocks!) But every once in while I see or hear things brew that I am bit disheartened by or actually just feel sad for the person who is causing issues.  It makes me think that they are so wrapped up in something in their own life that they can't 'let it go' and move forward for the sake of their business, reputation and professionalism.   (Or lack their of!) And they may never know that in the process of how they handled the situation that they may have also burned a few bridges along the way.  Never a good thing!

So I would challenge each of you the next time you're dealing with a difficult situation with a customer, colleague, employee or whatever it is.  Take some time to step back from the situation and figure out the best way to resolve it, let it go, move forward and learn from it!

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