Opportunity is knocking…what do you do?

Opportunity is knocking...

As you are reading this I have just finished two days of sessions and networking at the Top2Top Pet Industry Conference in Amelia Island in Florida! This is a conference held by PIJAC (the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) and it is their 3rd annual one. Many topics discussed that are happening in out industry and if you check out our Public LIPP page you will see a bunch of posts from me during the event.

For the last two years I really wanted to attend, the first one was in San Diego, (love me some San Diego!), and the second one was in Napa Valley (hello red wine!) - but I always had a conflict and couldn't go.  When they announced the one in Florida this year, there was no way I was missing it - no matter what!  So it begs to question - when an opportunity arises right in front of you, do you go for it? Or do you hesitate, and loose it?

Regardless of what that opportunity is - it may not come knocking again any time soon, if ever again.  In the last couple of years, as many of you have head me say before, I jump at opportunities presented to me - but with that said, I do my best to weigh how it will impact my business, bottom line and scheduling.  It's not always easy to go away, to leave my nearly 13-year old dog, (and not worry about Mr. Max), but if I don't go - I know I will be missing out.   And missing the opportunity of learning, meeting new people in the industry and hello the conference is at a resort on the ocean!

Aside from the conference this week, I still have responsibilities to my clients and have FOUR articles to write for a magazine - among other things, but that's the life of an entrepreneur right?  So I challenge you this week, to think about the opportunity - that might be knocking or kicking down your door, IS and how you use it to your advantage.  I would love to hear what has come your way and how you were able to not miss that knock or kick at your door!


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