by Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals. Weekly featured APP Member

Welcome to our weekly featured member of American Pet Professionals! This week, June 29, 2015 we feature Yvonne Dagger of The Painted Pet!

Check out our fun Q&A interview with Yvonne of The Painted Pet and her experience in the Pet Industry:

I'm a professional artist. I specialize in Pet Portraiture. Working from photos provided, I create a one of a kind work of art. My clients are from all over the USA and most notably my works have been seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show & on Martha Stewart's Web Site. How long have you been in the Pet Industry? 20 Years What drew you to the Pet Industry? My Art work The best thing about your experience so far? Making a difference in peoples lives. Are you a solo petrepreneur or do you have employees? Solo If you could change/add/create ONE thing in the pet industry what would that be? I would change the way airlines view pet dogs. What is the most interesting thing about your business or rescue group? There are very few Pet Portraitists around, so people think that it's unusual and fun. Do you set goals for you business? Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly? Yes…monthly goals. Do you remember the last time you had a weekend off? Last weekend. Do you regularly take vacations? Not very often…once or twice a year. Your favorite thing about your customers (i.e. pet parents). They all love their pet(s) and when they come to me to commission a painting of their pet(s) it's so gratifying and that makes me happy. What is the best thing you have done for your business to help you grow? Networking out and attending Pet related events. When did you realize that this industry was more fun/rewarding/compassionate (add your own!) than a previous industry you may have worked in? When I met my clients and their dog(s). What is your favorite cocktail of choice? Red Wine Favorite book/movie/TV show? Book: The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, Movie: My Fair Lady, TV Show: Blue Bloods Most amazing place you have been to on planet earth? Paris Favorite meal? Pizza When you were a kid, and someone asked, what did you want to be when you grow up? What was your answer? An Artist Favorite color? Blue Your favorite or most inspirational quote? "Live with passion today and everyday" What is your:: Dog/horse/cat/bird/lizard/bunny Breed of choice? Lab/Golden Mix Hobbies you love that don't involve pets, if any! 🙂 Baking How many pets do you currently own? 3 Yvonne is located in NY and can be reached at:  - and check out The Painted Pet to see some of Yvonne's beautiful artwork how you can be inspired and motivated to run your own business!]]>

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