Stuck in a rut?

It's nearly mid-January as this is being written, and I wonder are you already stuck in a rut?  They hype of the new year, your new plans, goals and ambitions can quickly fall away in the midst of running your business, rescue and every day life.  Getting stuck in a rut is common among entrepreneurs and business owners.   Busy hours turn into days and weeks, months.  You get my drift.  In order not to get stuck in a rut - you have to plan, plan, plan and most importantly execute those plans daily.   You need to chip away every day, even if it is just one small hurdle or accomplishment towards your goal daily, it counts! I know in speaking with many pet professionals on a daily basis, many are excited for new things to come, wishing for a successful future, new clients, more funding, etc.  And the daunting task of actuallyworking to get everything done - can throw a wrench into your optimism and plans.  Believe me, no one is immune.   You may look on social media and see everyone else around you doing, succeeding and living life.  But hold on - they may only post their successes and not how much time they spent on one project.  How they decided to cancel another project.  What didn't work, etc.   Getting American Pet Professionals website from the idea, how I wanted it too look, features etc., took 1 full year, one year in between everything else and an extremely busy year.  And there are still more things to come for the website and organization, and that is OK!  Was it frustrating at times?  Sure, but I didn't give up - or look at what everyone else is doing.  I stayed focused on what I wanted the site to be - how it could help any pet professional and am excited for new things to come for the site and organization.   It's how you handle what is coming at you.  How well you schedule and plan your days and weeks.  Shut off social media - if your phone is pinging all day long and you are having ADHD from it, shut off the volume on those notifications, put your head down and get those goals done.  Still feeling stuck or unsure?  Reach out to a friend, a fellow pet professional or business owner and ask for guidance, help - or just that kick in the ass you need.  Go for a walk with your dog, clear your head.  Breathe.  Visit a local animal shelter - (why this suggestion - can help you quickly put things into perspective and motivate you to figure out a way to do more!) You are not alone. Every professional no matter how successful, or people just starting out can feel stuck in a rut.  You can work through it.  Don't beat yourself up!  I know you can do it!  And stay tuned, APP will be offering a fun, professional way to help you.  TBA very, very soon! Excited!      ]]>

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