Earth Friendly Pet Products & Businesses!

Staff at American Pet Professionals

Happy Earth day!  We love to shine a light on our members of American Pet Professionals who have eco-friendly pet products and services.  

The Bike Tow Leash® - Official Website is eco friendly.  All Bike Tow Leashes are sustainably manufactured and shipped utilizing solar power for electricity and heated water as well as geothermal for heat and air conditioning.   The company also use minimal and recycled packing materials.  And you can bike to where you need to go with your dog - saving on gas and electricity. 

Is your pup in need of a bath after a bike ride with you? Two companies that we love are:

Eco Dog Care's line of earth friendly products are a Green America Certified Business that uses plant-based ingredients that safely cleanse, moisturize, soothe and protect our dog's skin & coat without toxic or synthetic additives. Their choices respect our dog's well-being and our own and that of the Earth. They cross-check ingredients against the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep database to better understand impacts on people's health and on the Earth's groundwater. (The pet care products industry doesn't have similar standards; we'll be first in line when there are.) None of their ingredients rate above a 5 on the EWG 1-10 scale and none of our products have alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or color. See their website for the full line of products. 

John Paul Pet's Beneficial Botanicals are ecologically and social aware.  Their products contain no parabens; are cruelty free; eco-friendly; contain no animal ingredients; dye-free; phthalate free; bottles made with recycled plastic; botanically derived and Made in the USA. See their website for the full line of products.

Out for a walk with your dog or hike, and are always bringing a plastic water bottle with you?  Reduce your single plastic use with Spleash.   Fill the Spleash with water, hook this onto your dogs leash, and you have eco-friendly way to give your dog water with no need for a bowl!  Spleash is also made from materials that can be recycled. (We use this reusable watering system everyday when out walking our dog!)

Need a leash to hook your Spleash onto?  Check out 2HoundsDesign, who's EarthStyle collection combines colorful upbeat designs with earth-friendly webbing made using recycled plastic bottles. Tons of great patterns to choose from, all available in the Freedom No-Pull Harness, any style collar, and any style leash.  You’ll love these designs that are more earth-friendly and the retro-hip designs of the EarthStyle line.

All of the products from A Pet with Paws are made from recycled plastic bottles and cruelty free materials.  How cool is that!  Beautifully designed, functional, earth friendly way to bring your pet along.  See their products here. 

Two companies that are producing earth conscious pet products are SnugArooz and Health Extension. SnugArooz Pet has the most adorable pet toy line, for both cats and dogs, in which the products are made from recycled water bottles.  Health Extension pet food is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, and are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the environment and the communities where they do business. 

What to have your pet treated monthly with an eco-friendly month box?  Pure Earth Pets is an eco-friendly subscription box filled with sustainable toys, natural treats and other goodies.  They source out products and companies that are making a difference in being earth friendly and sustainable.

If you're looking to treat your dog like royalty and be earth conscious, check out Sabrini’s Royal Treats! Your pup will love their all natural dog treats, not just for how healthy they are, but because these premium dog treats, with no fillers or additives, taste great! Wholesome fish, chicken, sweet potatoes, and berries are combined for a yummy reward that'll  make you both feel good. They are also aware of how overfishing can impact our earth, so they only choose fish with high ratings for sustainability.

BetterBone, a long chewing treat that is made with just two ingredients, 60 % wood fiber and 40% sugar cane oil.  BlueStandard the makers of BetterBone, have 25 years of sustainable manufacturing practices to ensure your pets safety while keeping our Mother Earth in the driver’s seat.  
100% sustainable products. Their products and materials are sustainably sourced and manufactured with a focus on creating a circular economy. They are committed to minimal environmental impact with our entire supply chain. And they are just about to launch a line of leashes and collars that are made from plastic water bottles!


If you want your dog to Chews Happiness, the company sources their ingredients ethically sourced ingredients from family farms that treat animals humanely and with overfishing or over grazing. They also work within the communities where their products are

HoundSafe, a business that has your dog's safety in mind, sells a curated selection of high-quality safety products for dogs.  Every shipment results in a certain amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon that each shipment releases is calculated by Shopify, and then carbon offsets are purchased from Grassroots to make the shipment carbon neutral.


NatrixOne is a 100% plant-based and only two all-natural ingredients: our handcrafted Camelina Oil and Olive extracts. Guided by forward-thinking veterinarians, NatrixOne takes a holistic, 100% natural approach, emphasizing prevention over treatment and nature over pharmaceuticals. Read more about their commitment to the planet. NatrixOne is also an accredited business in Pet Sustainability.  We love that!

Pooch Approved Products not only helps you clean up after your pet's number 2, they provide Dootie Bags that are made with corn starch. Strong, leak proof and printed with water based inks.  And the package is also 100% recycled material, Dispense Bags from Punch Out on the Back of the box.

South Fork Pet Company began in 2015 with the idea of creating a better dog treat—one made with all-natural local ingredients that would be free of grains, chemicals, artificial flavor, coloring and preservatives, but full of irresistible flavors that taste great even to the most fickle of dogs.  Today, their ingredients continue to be sourced right here in the U.S. The meats that we use are selected by a certified butcher, the cod skins are repurposed from local fishmongers, and the vegetables, fruits, and herbs come from suppliers within a 60-mile radius. All of our products continue to be prepared by hand in our custom kitchen facility.  Keeping it local, helping the community businesses and reducing shipping of ingredient sources - all helps in being eco-friendly.

People everywhere are searching for ways to create healthier homes and a healthier world. If you are looking to extend that search to include a healthier lifestyle for your pets, check out Synergy is Key!  Whether your pet is healthy right now or not, the products you use in your home and to support your pet make a huge difference for them. The bonus part of this journey is that you will not only be improving the health of your pets, but you will also be helping your entire family!

Is your pet product or company earth friendly, sustainable, or eco-conscious?  Let us know - we would love to hear about it!

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