Dirty Little Secret of Fundraising – Teleseminar!

by Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals
In our most recent Teleseminar interview, I had the pleasure of talking with the FABULOUS Tammy Severino of RPC Development.  Tammy is an incredible expert when it comes to fundraising for small, medium and large scale non-profit organizations - helping them guide their way to better fundraising success. (See her contact info below).
A pet lover and owner of a rescue dog and a couple cats, Tammy has worked with various non-for-profit animal rescue organizations and I am thrilled for you all to hear what advice, tips and ideas you can start implementing TODAY for your fundraising goals. 
Tammy gives away the 'dirty little secret' of fundraising and we cover different ways to fundraise, people to reach out to become a donor, out of the box ideas, best number of events to do and much more!  Anyone in the fundraising area needs to listen: 

To contact Tammy Severino email her at tseverino421@gmail.com.

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