Coming in 2024 - our next installation of Pet Industry 101™
a live interactive course!

Who is Pet Industry 101 for?  If you are a new or aspiring pet professional this course will give you ideas, insight, tools and tips on just how to get started in the Pet Industry. 

“After 20+ years in the pet industry and coaching many pet business owners, up and coming pet professionals, and teaching people who have come from other industries – about the pet industry.  I thought it was time for a more well defined course to simplify a pathway into the pet industry and set pet business owners up for success.  We have done a few past Pet Industry 101 events, since 2016 actually, and a few in 2022, and I am excited to finally bring this streamlined course to fruition for new pet pros!” ~ Nancy Hassel, founder & President of American Pet Professionals.

Pet Industry 101™ course will:

  • Provide resources and education in the form of:
    • Video tutorial sessions
    • Live Q&A seminars
    • Downloadable workbooks and guides with industry information to help a new pet professional get started and take the next steps in their businesses.
    • Resources specifically compiled for new pet professionals.
  • Help guide you if you’re not sure exactly what you want to do in the industry.
    • Many aspiring pet professionals can be overwhelmed with all the opportunities to have a business in the industry, we have a specific session on how to help you flush out the best business model suited for you, your passions, expertise.
  • Help you with your business development of your new pet business by providing insight, expertise and guidance from industry experts.

Who is this course suited for?

  • A person who is just getting started in the industry, whether you are going to operate your own business, or if you are taking on a new role within the industry – but want to know more about the industry.
  • If you are a new or aspiring pet professional this course will give you ideas, insight, tools and tips on how to get started in the Pet Industry.
  • If you have a business already, but are only in business a year or two. The caveat to that is we will have a ton of information and resources that pet business owners may not be aware of, but the course is really geared toward the new/about to be pet business owner!
  • We will cover some business areas that you don’t want to skip over when getting your new pet business started. And include educational materials on such with information for many experts and companies that can help you in specific areas of being in business.
  • We will also have a specific session on what pet industry event is suited for you to attend.  This is very important for new pet business owners to understand so you spend money in the correct areas - and don't waste money in areas that will not help grow your new business!

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Oh no! 
Did you miss our FALL Pet Industry 101™ Live event? 


We had such a fantastic event with brand new pet pros.
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The FALL Pet Industry 101™ LIVE Q&A is in SESSION on
Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 2pm EST!  

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Are you thinking about entering into the pet industry, but are not quite sure yet what you want to do?

Or are just starting out with your business and need more information about the industry?

Have questions about your business and need support? Or just want to know more about the pet industry? Then this is the event for YOU!

Sign up for our LIVE Pet Industry 101™ Q & A to speak directly with APP founder &President Nancy Hassel who has 20+ years experience in the pet industry!

 We are always thrilled to meet new pet professionals, aspiring pet pros and answer any questions you may have about the pet industry!

Pet Industry 101™ LIVE Q&A!
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
2 pm EST
Hosted on ZOOM 









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