Remembering Your Why

Working in the pet industry and running a business, a rescue or non-profit, has it's many perks, we get to work with pets, passionate people and do something we love. The common denominator in our community is our love of pets.

Often, after many years in the industry, we can get to a point where we feel we may have plateaued, or perhaps are a bit burnt out. And the why we originally started can get lost along the way.

We can get so caught up in the every day of our running our pet businesses, letting stress factors come in, and forget that why.Forget the reason we started in the first place because of the issue we are dealing with at the moment in our pet profession.

I created this workbook so that you can take some time to reflect on your why - maybe you have a new why, or just need help remembering the why you got started in the first place.Use this workbook to reinvigorate, energize and inspire you to remember your why. Nancy