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STATS! (February 2022) The weekly Pet Events Newsletter is sent to 18,500+ subscribers, which are a unique opt-in targeted niche of Pet Owners, Pet Retailers, Pet Professionals, Pet Press, Press, Veterinarians, Animal Rescue Groups, etc.  Our subscriber base is always continually growing

The number above doesn’t include the amount of forwards that many of our subscribers do within their own email lists – so the reach is bigger than we can calculate. The Pet Events Newsletter is shared every week on our social media platforms: Twitter: 6,009; Facebook Pages: 8,000+; Linkedin: 6,860; Instagram 2,574; Pinterest: 4,212+    That’s not including social media shares from other people!

Ad Creation Services: We will happily put together your ad for you and send over a proof to you for your review prior to the newsletter running.  You just have to send us the content, links, and jpegs!  Ad creation is done at no charge to you.
We don’t do banner or leaderboard ads within the newsletter – why?  Isn’t that what everyone else does?  Our repeat sponsors have given us great feedback over the years for this very reason!  We want your spot to shine and engage the audience – not just be another banner ad subscribers scroll past. Pricing & Specials: We offer reasonable prices on our sponsorships to keep it affordable for pet professionals at any level and for official Members of American Pet Professionals – they get a membership discount! 

We have quarterly specials for the newsletter if you buy in bulk – and usually wrapped into a theme or special editions of the newsletter, as well as tied into to an Article for ThisFurryLife.com (our consumer-friendly Pet Blog).  Click here to see our Media Kit  with layouts and current pricing..

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Position: Whether you choose a Main Sponsorship or Upcoming Featured Event/Product Sponsorship – you are always at the top half of the Newsletter, always! History: The weekly Pet Events Newsletter has been running for 13 years, and our subscribers expect it and look for it every week.  We are dark for the last TWO weeks of December.  (Hey everyone needs a little rest!) The newsletter started with a concept to bring local pet events to the Long Island area pet owners, as there was no resource at the time.  The newsletter actually started running in December of 2008, two months before the birth of Long Island Pet Professionals, now American Pet Professionals!  While the concept and look of the newsletter has evolved over the years, and the event listings go beyond Long Island – it has stayed true to the concept to bring great, diverse pet events, content (articles, videos, products, services and adoptable pets) to the ever-growing list of subscribers that love opening a fun, well thought out newsletter every Wednesday!  Every single week emails come in from subscribers thanking APP for the newsletter, information and that they have just learned about a great new product or service! Additional questions? Please email us at info@AmericanPetProfessionals.com.