Bringing A Pet Product to Market!

We are so excited to bring this two-part Qebinar (Q&A Webinar) series on how to Bring a Pet Product to Market, exclusively for our Members of American Pet Professionals!

Many of our up and coming pet product manufacturing members are still at the research stage for their product ideas, or just had their first prototype, or have launched a product but did not have the success they thought they would have. And we know that there are many pet professionals that have a great idea in their minds for a product, but are not sure where to start to turn that light bulb moment into a tangible product that pet parents will love and use.

That is exactly why we wanted to host this series.

The first part of our Qebinar series will be a mastermind type event, where we will be taking questions from our members, also hearing from them where their pain points are, what the struggle has been and some wins too. We will then take this information to have a very focused session during part two of the qebinar series.

Our panel of experts, have an incredible amount of experience literally taking their idea, to product, to launching it to the market place with tremendous success. We are thrilled to have Kelly Ison of Einstein Pets, Jay Michaelson of HandsOn Gloves and Dennis G. Shaver a Product Development & Innovation Catalyst, who happens to be a 2x Amazon Best Selling Author with 25 years experience!

Members can participate in both live sessions, ask questions to our panelists, and get the extensive notes and takeaways (as we do for every Webinar or Qebinar), and some bonuses for this event too!

This 2-part Qebinar Series is exclusive for current Members of American Pet Professionals. If you want in, and want to become a member and gain access to these events and everything else we do for our members- sign up for our VIP Waitlist ASAP, to learn how you can become a member!