APP Membership Enrollment of 2019 is Closing!

BREAKING NEWS! American Pet Professionals, (APP), is Closing Our Doors for Membership for 2019 - by the end of this month on August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm PST!

Our next membership enrollment won't happen until 2020 - AND membership prices will be MUCH higher!

WHY do this? We want to spend our time with our current membership in providing everything we do below, and then some vs. taking any more of our valuable time promoting to new members.   That's it - plain and simple.    Our members mean the world to us and we want to be able to just focus on them.    For nearly 11 years we have been an open-enrollment membership - and that is now changing so we can FOCUS on our members even more! Woot! Woot!  (If you're a member reading this you're probably thinking don't you already do that? Yup - but hold onto to your leashes it's about to get even better!) So if you have been thinking about joining, and have wondered what we do here at APP - let's break it down for you a bit! Education: APP has been educating pet professionals since our inception at our very first in-person networking event in February of 2009.  125+ in-person events later we have had experts from in and outside of the industry that are fully vetted, interviewed to ensure our members and attendees get the most up-to-date, accurate, trending in the industry, and actionable information to take away and implement into their pet businesses and rescues.  In addition to our award-winning in-person events, we have been hosting LIVE events online with incredible guest experts from across the country for the last few years. Just for our members. Just this year alone our topics ranged from: Our Live experts and topics in 2019 alone, has been like going to your own pet industry conference without having to step foot outside of your store, office, or home and getting top-notch information no one else has been talking about. And for NO additional cost.   Did we mention we do NOT have monthly membership dues??? As a member you will have FULL access to all of our past expert videos when you join - we even broke down the best takeaways from each video and you also have access to those!  And additional membership resources that are not provided anywhere.  AND we will be continuing to host live in-person events throughout the country!  Copy of Buy now!
Opportunities: We get approached very often with opportunities that could greatly impact your business.  These opportunities are fully vetted and if a great fit for our membership - you are sent information about it.  We also provide inside information about upcoming industry happenings ahead of time, insight on what may be good for your business to attend, and ways you can get involved with other industry experts.    Introductions: It should not be that hard to get connected to the right person you are looking for in the pet industry to help your pet business or animal rescue.  We happily send email intros for members every week and also from people looking for recommendations for members!  (And we love hearing back from our members about how that one intro changed their business and animal rescue for the better!) Need an introduction to someone that could help your business tremendously?  We love introducing members!
  Support: This is practically 24/7 for our members!  We love to provide support to our members, by offering feedback, advice, business consultations, whether it is online, in-person, over the phone, video conferences, meetings at other conferences - you name it!  It's not easy to run a business on your own, with staff, employees and so on.  We get it.  And we always provide support to our membership.   We love supporting members!  We also provide industry support by partnering and working with countless other pet industry organizations to help with their events and so on. Also, our president is on advisory boards of other industry organizations to help them as well. Promotion: Every time a New Member joins:
  • We promote you/your business/rescue as a new member across all our social media platforms - something we have been doing for years and years.  (We even do this for re-occurring members when they renew yearly!)  
  • AND we include your business as a new member in our "New Member Press Release" that is sent out 2x a year to the media.  
  • AND we promote you/your business/animal rescue all the time to others - our members always come first when asked for a referral or recommendation.  
  • You are also promoted on our Membership Directory with your own profile on our website. 

We do even more for our members, but to learn what that is, you need to become a member today!  

All of the above and everything we do for our members would cost you thousands of dollars if you were highering a consultant, that may not have pet industry experience like APP does! Copy of Buy now!

Don't just take it from us, see some of member testimonials below...and if you have a question,shoot us an email- we are happy to answer! We can't wait to help you and your pet business! Tail wags from the Team at APP!  

"Hi Nancy! I just wanted to thank you again for your expert help in teaching me how to get publicity for the pageant & also for having such a great group of pet professionals where I can make valuable contacts.  Through my association with APP & the PR Pro course, not only have I found a great new sponsor this year but also Macy Egeland from News 12 just called to have me on her TV show! I just wanted to share it with you because I would have never met her without you and APP! You have a die-hard fan in me!" Leslie Kennedy, Owner of Barking Beauty Pageant, Member since 2018

"Joining American Pet Professionals and attending events, has made a huge impact on me and my company. It has taught me the value of networking with others in the industry and in a fun way too! I have made so many professional and personal contacts through Long Island Pet Professionals I wish I had joined earlier! Nancy does an amazing job of putting together events, including having relevant and interesting speakers at the meetings." Robyn Elman, President In Home Pet Services, Inc., (Pet Sitting Franchise) Member since 2010
"Since becoming a member of American Pet Professionals, I have been introduced to many pet-friendly professionals which has extended my personal and business network exponentially.  My business has grown because of Nancy and her team.  What I like most is that the information provided is always fresh and up-to-date.  Whether it's live videos, events, seminars, pet industry information, new member introductions, Nancy and her team help keep us all engaged and focused.  There is no doubt that joining APP has increased our presence in the pet space" Jason Hanny, Co-Founder & COO of Pet Connect (Pet Tech), Member since 2018
"As a marketer in several industries, I  rely on APP to help me stay ahead of pet industry them and to create a vehicle to develop professional connections in the industry. Nancy was among the very first people to look at the pet industry and create opportunities for connection and education for all pet professionals. I love that she is 100% laser focused on APP members and not involved in 10 other non related businesses that could steal her focus.  Her strategies work, and her company is the proof.  Her ability to identify a market opportunity combined with her experience and talents as an entrepreneur and public relations expert has  made her a sought after pet industry expert.   As a tireless advocate for her members, Nancy is always seeking new opportunities to raise the level of professionalism and impart much needed business wisdom on topics from marketing to trademark law and everything in between. A talented marketer and writer, Nancy leverages multiple platforms to connect with her members. Membership fees are reasonable AND it is money well spent." Linda Williams, Principal/Lead Marketing Counselor, The Brand Counselors, (Marketing & Sales Team), Member Since 2012

"I have been a member of Nancy's Organization American Pet Professionals for the last eight years, and I can say it was one of the best business decisions I have made to date. Nancy creates networking event that are designed around the current issues and concerns within the industry. Nancy saw a need for our industry and acted on it. I am personally thankful that I found her organization and joined. Being a member of American Pet Professionals has helped increase my bottom line as well as helped me understand things about the industry that otherwise would still be a mystery to me." Kim Loper, Owner Harbor Pet (Retail) & Life is Grruff (Pet Manufacturer), Member Since 2010


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