by Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals, Weekly Featured Member Welcome to our weekly featured member of American Pet Professionals! This week, September 12, 2015 we feature Maureen McCarthy of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting! Check out our fun Q&A interview with Maureen and her experience so far in the Pet Industry: "I own a pet sitting a dog walking business in the Charlotte NC area since 2006. I started it by myself and now have 12 employees." How long have you been in the Pet Industry? 20+ What drew you to the Pet Industry? Always having a love for animals. The best thing about your experience so far? That I can help pet owners in keeping their pets home while they travel or work long hours Are you a solo petrepreneur or do you have employees? Employees If you could change/add/create ONE thing in the pet industry what would that be? Letting people know that this business if a professional one and that they should always make sure that they are hiring a true professional not a hobby pet sitter What is the most interesting thing about your business or rescue group? Most interesting is meeting all kinds of people and finding out what their pets personalities are Do you set goals for you business? Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly? I try to always make sure that we did better than the year before and continue to grow Do you remember the last time you had a weekend off? Yes, I just came back from a cruise (no internet or phone for a week) Do you regularly take vacations? YES, very important to keep my sanity Your biggest complaint about the industry? Again that people don't realize how professional we are How many pets did you treat last week? Or pet clients did you cater too? Last week we did 121 visits ( it was a slow week) What is your advice to a young person joining the pet industry? Make sure you are doing everything correct and by the book. Make sure you are keeping tract of your income and paying all your taxes Your favorite thing about your customers (i.e. pet parents). They trust us!! What is the best thing you have done for your business to help you grow? Getting pet sitting software to help me run my business When did you realize that this industry was more fun/rewarding/compassionate (add your own!) than a previous industry you may have worked in? 25 years ago when I first started doing it If you weren't in the pet industry - what other profession would you love to do? Travel industry so I could travel at a discount What is your favorite cocktail of choice? Wine Favorite book/movie/TV show? Anything written by Nicholas Sparks Most amazing place you have been to on planet earth? Ireland...loved it!! Favorite meal? Thanksgiving When you were a kid, and someone asked, what did you want to be when you grow up? What was your answer? Airline stewardess Favorite color? Yellow....bright and happy Your favorite or most inspirational quote? You only go around this earth once make it your best What is your:: Dog/horse/cat/bird/lizard/bunny Breed of choice? Lab Hobbies you love that don't involve pets, if any! 🙂 Reading and traveling How many pets do you currently own? 3 dogs Maureen is located in North Carolina and can be reached by email at  or you can check out her website Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.]]>

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