by Nancy E. Hassel, American Pet Professionals, Weekly Featured Member

Welcome to our weekly featured member of American Pet Professionals! This week, August 3, 2015 we feature Robyn Elman of In Home Pet Services, Inc. (IHPS)

Check out our fun Q&A interview with Robyn of IHPS and her experience so far in the Pet Industry:

How long have you been in the Pet Industry?


What drew you to the Pet Industry?

I’ve always had a love for animals and the desire to make a positive impact on their lives and environment.

The best thing about your experience so far?

Seeing the improvement in the owners and pets lives, including owners who have literally saved their pets life after taking our Pet First Aid & CPR class!

Are you a solo petrepreneur or do you have employees?

We have a mix on Employees and I.C.’s

If you could change/add/create ONE thing in the pet industry what would that be?

More mainstream respect

What is the most interesting thing about your business or rescue group?

Probably my background – bring a zookeeper in the Bronx, and also that we are the first NY based pet service franchise!

Do you set goals for you business? Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly?

Always – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, AND Yearly!

Do you remember the last time you had a weekend off?

Off completely?! Once a year.

Do you regularly take vacations?

Every year a big one but try to do fun things mixed in with work every single week. Hiking, Photography, Ice Skating, Meals out, and just about any fund things I can find/fit in to do around work schedule!

Your biggest complaint about the industry?

Still not taken seriously enough in major media/press.

How many pets did you treat last week? Or pet clients did you cater too?

At my location in NE Queens, about 100 different pets each day!

What is your advice to a young person joining the pet industry?

Do your research, and be honest with yourself about your goals, your financial needs, your motivations/passions, and how hands on your want to be in your career.

Your favorite thing about your customers (i.e. pet parents).

How thankful they are for the service and how involved they get with us at events, on social media, etc.

What is the best thing you have done for your business to help you grow?

Join APP of course!

When did you realize that this industry was more fun/rewarding/compassionate (add your own!) than a previous industry you may have worked in?

I have always worked in the pet industry but many years ago, I took a second job not in the industry and it just wasn’t the same!

If you weren’t in the pet industry – what other profession would you love to do?

Be a food critic and travel around the world like Andrew Zimmern…or maybe own a food truck!

What is your favorite cocktail of choice?

Malibu & Pineapple

Favorite book/movie/TV show?

Wrinkle in Time when I was younger, 1Q84 as an adult/Jurassic Park/Star Trek

Most amazing place you have been to on planet earth?

Just One?? Ok…… it’s close but probably Galapagos

Favorite meal?

Spaghetti & Cheese

When you were a kid, and someone asked, what did you want to be when you grow up? What was your answer?


Favorite color?


What is your:: Dog/horse/cat/bird/lizard/bunny Breed of choice?


Hobbies you love that don’t involve pets, if any! 🙂

Figure Skating, Wildlife Photography, Traveling the world, Wine, cooking.

How many pets do you currently own?


Robyn is located in Queens, NY and can be reached by email at or by checking out her website:

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