10 Random Acts of Kindness – Pet Industry Edition

by Nancy Hassel, American Pet Professionals

Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 12 – 18, 2023)


What can you do during this week of Random Acts of Kindness?  We usually think of small acts like paying for the person behind you in the coffee line their coffee or giving someone you don’t know flowers.  Which of course are really kind gestures – and encourage.   


However, while random acts of kindness to a stranger can turn someone’s day around, you can also offer a random act of kindness to someone you know!


Send a thank you note, in the mail, to someone who has helped you along the way.  Even if it was someone from a while ago, you have no idea what that simple note could mean to someone.  Perhaps they are having a rough week or just getting that reminder would really mean a lot.


Have a favorite animal shelter or rescue organization in your community.  You can organize a drive for pet supplies of course for the animals, but what about the shelter workers and animal caretakers?  They often don’t get recognized at how hard they work.  Maybe drop off coffee, bagels or lunch to them. That surprise could just make their day.


You could also share an animal shelter’s wish list if they have one via a certain online ecommerce platform.  This way more people that see it can donate items.


Know someone is going through a hard time?  Drop off lunch or dinner for them, or a bag of fresh produce and groceries.  Bring their pet treats, (ask first in case there are allergies), or pet food, so that they don’t have to worry about that added expense that month.


Give your local business a raving review!  Have a favorite pet supply store, dog trainer, groomer, pet sitter, or veterinarian? Leave a review for them on their social platforms, Google, Yelp, and so on.  People read reviews to weigh in if they want to take their pet to certain locations, so if you have wonderful experiences, let others know.


Offer to be a mentor for someone, (if you have the time of course), that is interested in starting a new pet business.  Even if it is just a 1-hour phone call – this could help that individual gain knowledge from someone with experience, and help guide them in the right direction.


Thank a stranger that is working hard at your local pet business.  A meaningful thank you, appreciate the job they are doing or the help they provided.  It may have been a while since someone sincerely said thank you for their work.


Have a platform? Perhaps you’re a social influencer or maybe your pet is – share your favorite business, or product.  Not everything has to be a sponsored post and the more genuine you are about your favorite products, the more that know, like and trust factor will come in.  Your sharing a favorite pet business or product could change that business for the better. 


Appreciate a podcast you listen to regularly?  Share the podcast on your social media to encourage your connections to listen to it, subscribe or follow.  That helps podcasters to continue to do they work they do.  And if you can, leave a review as well. Or if you were featured on a podcast, listen to other episodes.  We all know we love to hear our own names, but listening to other guests on shows will help that podcast and you never know what you may learn!


Have an extraordinary employee that work in your pet business. Someone that does their job, goes above and beyond, that you rely on and never have to worry about their job performance?  If you can give them a raise this week.  Perhaps it's not part of your policies and procedures of when raises are handed out.  However it could be a wonderful sign of appreciation, and show how much you value them as part of your team.  If a raise is not in your budget, figure out a way to show kindness to them that they are not expecting. 


There are so many ways that you can do random acts of kindness this week, or anytime of the year.  Think about someone that you know could use some kindness this week, whether it is a pet business, person or even a pet that could use help (adoption/foster anyone?).   I would love to know what ideas you come up with and while I understand not everyone wants to share what they have done for a random act of kindness – your act could very well inspire someone else to follow suit.


For more information about Random Acts of Kindness Week and day, which is February 17, 2023, go to https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/.

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